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Hounds and Hunting Through the Ages

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by Joseph Thomas

Originally published by The Derrydale Press in 1928, Hounds and Hunting through the Ages remains the definitive volume for the foxhunter of all skill levels. This primer of foxhunting covers all aspects of the sport including the history and traditions, attributes of proper hounds, peculiarities of scent, and the chase in general.

Author bio

The late Joseph B. Thomas was born in Boston in 1879. He pursued a career as an architect in New York and became one of the country's foremost breeders of the American foxhound and founder of the American Foxhound Club, an early incarnation of today's Foxhound Club of North America.

Reviews for Hounds and Hunting Through the Ages

"By Joseph B. Thomas, MFH, and for anyone who thinks he knows everything about breeding or developing a real pack of foxhounds, or for the new breeder or MFH Huntsman ect. this is a must. I learned more about Breeding and reaffirmed more about hunting and hounds than any book I've ever read. And its easy to understand in an entertaining manner. "—Friends of the Penn-Marydel

"The lasting authority for American huntsmen."—New York Evening Post

"The standard American work on the subject."—English Field

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