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Calls on the Horn

John Tabachka, huntsman for the Deep Run Hunt (VA), blows eight calls on the hunting horn and explains when and why these calls are used. Familiarity with these calls will add to the enjoyment of any field member’s hunting day, and John’s technique can be a model for aspiring huntsmen to emulate. 

John Tabachka is a two-time winner of the National Horn Blowing Contest held annually at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg. Competitors qualify to compete in the National Championship by winning a horn blowing contest at any MFHA-sanctioned hound show held the previous summer.

DVD running time: 7 minutes


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The Songs of Foxhunting (CD)

collected by Alexander Mackay Smith

Twenty traditional foxhunting songs including John Peel; Here’s a Health to Every Sportsman; What a Fine Hunting Day; Drink, Puppy, Drink; A Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night; and many more!

Subscribers may download the sheet music and lyrics to go with the songs on this CD. Visit our download page for more.

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