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Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Quiet, reliable horse that may have left its hunting days behind but would be serviceable to hack out – w,t,c – at a reasonable price.


State: Virginia
Fine, Norman
Phone: 540-247-1654
Postal Code: 22646
City: Millwood
Email: [email protected]
Retired Field Hunter wanted


# Judith Wilson 2018-08-23 14:31
I have a horse to rehome, not because he's retirement age, but because he won't jump consistently. He's a 12-year-old, 16h OTTB gelding who raced 50 times.
I've had him for 5 years and I absolutely love him, but I only want to ride first field now and he won't jump consistently. On the plus side, he's absolutely GEORGEOUS, a super fun and comfortable ride, never spooky, likes to be in front but will go behind, and he's an easy keeper. On the negative side, he has terrible feet, he won't jump consistently, and he can be a real jerk to his pasturemates (he's an alpha). I'd like to send him somewhere where he will be enjoyed for his many positive attributes and well-treated despite his few bothersome attributes. I am not ready to sell him but would let him go on an open-ended free lease to the right home.
Judith Craw
(865) 548-9357

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