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boseley1During the off-season is a good time to think about clothing and tack you may be needing next season. Here's one expert's overview of foxhunting style. Specific guidelines may also be found under the Resources dropdown menu above; click on Attire, Tack & Appointments. We'll be talking more this month about some lesser-known yet fascinating aspects of foxhunting attire.

While each equestrian discipline has its own specific requirements for riders’ attire, I am going to desribe the correct terms, style and fit of foxhunting attire. And although specific hunt clubs may dictate individual modifications, there are generally acceptable standards.

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Panel of Experts

Hugh Robards, ex-MFH

Huntsman, Author

Dr. Roger Scullin, MFH

Veterinarian, Foxhound Breeder

Jerry Miller, MFH

Huntsman, Foxhound Breeder

Paul Striberry

Foxhunter, Horseman, Trainer

Nigel Peel, MFH (UK)

Hunstman, Breeder, Judge

C. Martin Wood III, MFH

MFHA President 1990-1993
Huntsman, Breeder, Judge

Steve Price

Author/Editor of 25 books, including The Whole Horse Catalog and 1001 Best Things Ever Said About Horses

C. Martin Scott, ex-MFH (UK)

Foxhound Breeder, Judge, Writer

marion thorne

Bill Gamble Photo

Marion Thorne, MFH

Huntsman, Foxhound Breeder



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