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john_tabachkaHuntsman John Tabachka“Are MFHs supposed to carry white whips?” asks John Tabachka, huntsman for the Sewickely Hunt (PA).

While there are slight differences in the answers from our experts, the common thread seems to place the white whip properly in the hands of those who deal with hounds in the field, either as huntsman or whipper-in. That said, as always, the Master may do anything he or she likes!

One thing you can always count on from Foxhunting Life's Panel of Experts: they speak their minds!

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+1 # Andy Bozdan 2011-10-11 08:05
Well just to add my own two penny's worth! Hunt staff only! and by that I mean both professional and amateurs who have their buttons or colours. I guess much depends on what you have been brought up on?
+2 # Sue Blackmore 2011-10-11 17:15
Hey, John, don't worry about the colour just wear it like a feather boa around your neck like most American huntstaff. I am sure they think their whip a fashion statement not a hand tool........

White whips are just like a coat with five buttons, extra work for the professional staff but we are a tough breed and can hack the hours and work load and still be on "parade" with everything spotless and ready to use.

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Panel of Experts

Hugh Robards, ex-MFH

Huntsman, Author

Dr. Roger Scullin, MFH

Veterinarian, Foxhound Breeder

Jerry Miller, MFH

Huntsman, Foxhound Breeder

Paul Striberry

Foxhunter, Horseman, Trainer

Nigel Peel, MFH (UK)

Hunstman, Breeder, Judge

C. Martin Wood III, MFH

MFHA President 1990-1993
Huntsman, Breeder, Judge

Steve Price

Author/Editor of 25 books, including The Whole Horse Catalog and 1001 Best Things Ever Said About Horses

C. Martin Scott, ex-MFH (UK)

Foxhound Breeder, Judge, Writer

marion thorne

Bill Gamble Photo

Marion Thorne, MFH

Huntsman, Foxhound Breeder



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