Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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On a visit to Aiken, South Carolina in February, I had a day with the Whiskey Road Foxhounds. The pack consisted of mostly un-entered puppies. I’m sure the huntsman had his good reasons, but I found it unusual. Why would he do that?

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+1 # Lili Wykle 2010-06-12 15:52
Where we, Stonewall Hounds, hunt in central Virginia, there are many deer hounds and hunters. I try to be careful not to get in their way but sometimes it happens. One time I had a first year hound get up a buck and run it in front of a deer stand. The hunter shot and killed the deer right in front of that hound. Well, guess what, I had to pass that hound on to a deer hunter. Even though I spent time and energy trying to break him. Therefore, during deer season we hunt on Sunday afternoons now from mid Nov. to the first week in Jan. Leasing of land for deer hunting is a big deal around here. I sure hope mounted foxhunting doesn't come to that.
Lili Wykle
Forest, VA
# Douglas Russell 2012-02-22 16:37
I have delt with deer hunters in New York New Jersey and North and south Carolina .Has worked for me to make friends with them .Have had some let me hunt there deer lease for free after there season ended.Have given hounds to the deer hunters that use hounds.Most have been good guys to know .After the season for deer ends We have.Sub leased for not bad money some realy big tracks of land that other wise we would have never had A chance to hunt had great sport and been ask to come back.Deer hunters are A fact of life there not going any where mite as well make friends.They like to tell you where the fox or cyote are and I tell them where I have seen the big bucks.Love to tease them your not doing your job too many deer out here do ya ll need more amo.

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